tuesday's blessings

289). technology... only by the Grace of God could this happen
290). sisters in Christ encouraging each other
291). extra long hugs
292). eye contact
293). a husband willing to get on his knees & pray with me
294). a brain that can comprehend His Word
295). my sense of direction while driving
296). the best boss in the whole world
297). my co-workers who feel like family
298). imperfect bodies
299). the smell of cleaning supplies
300). conversations with kids in the car
301). kids sharing their favorite song with me
302). watching someone play the piano and sing
303). my tuesdays

1 comment:

Shelly said...

In re: to your 299, sometimes I linger longer in the cleaning aisles of a store than the clothing section.

Yep - I did just confess that :)